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Why Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Toronto Isn't a DIY Project

Why Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Toronto Isn't a DIY Project

Bed bugs are probably the worst pests that you can have infest your home. As soon as you notice the signs of bed bugs, you'll be in a hurry to have the infestation eradicated. Some homeowners, in their panic, may turn to do-it-yourself treatments for bed bug infestations in Toronto. Some of these DIY methods include using pesticide treatments like bug bombs, repellent sprays, natural oils, or store-bought chemical applications, none of which are recommended by Toronto bed bug removal experts as safe or effective. In fact, applying pesticides on your own can even be dangerous to your home and your family.

Other DIY methods for bed bug removal in Toronto are more creative, but even less effective and more dangerous. Here are a few of the extreme measures that DIY-ers suggest you resort to:

  • Gasoline: Dousing your bed and residence in gasoline to kill bed bugs.
  • Sulfur: Burning sulfur in your home.
  • Olive Oil: Cover your body in olive oil to make it more difficult for the bugs to climb.
  • Eliminating Heat: Turning your heating off during the winter in an effort to freeze the bugs out.

Before you decide to attempt these dangerous and ill-advised methods yourself, contact the Toronto bed bug heat treatment professionals at Bed Bug Authority Canada for high quality bed bug elimination services.

Dangers Associated with DIY Bed Bug Exterminations in Toronto

  • In places where bed bug infestations have grown and spread rapidly, there have also been an increasing number of home explosions and illnesses related to DIY bed bug elimination projects.
  • Over-the-counter bed bug extermination applications can actually make the problem worse. Even if they claim to be effective, they most likely have only been tested in lab environments.
  • Bed bugs have developed resistance to almost half of the 300 pesticides listed for their control. And even the pesticides that do work can make infestations harder to beat if they are not applied correctly.

Government agencies in the United States have even issued public warnings urging people not to tackle bed bug problems on their own, but to instead hire a professional bed bug exterminator.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Methods Offer the Best Results

If you've noticed any signs of bed bug infestations in your home, contact the Toronto bed bug extermination professionals at Bed Bug Authority Canada as soon as possible to have the problems taken care. Our professionals use a heat treatment method that will be able to completely eliminate bed bug infestations in a number of hours. All of our work is guaranteed and comes with a 90-day warranty.

If you are looking for an expert for bed bug removal in Toronto, then please call 416-951-0383 or complete our online request form.