Discreet Service

Our bed bug experts work quickly and discreetly. We won't attract any attention to your home during the extermination process, and we'll get the job done as quickly as possible […]

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100% Satisfaction

We'll do whatever it takes to guarantee that you're totally satisfied with the work that we perform. We don't consider our work complete until you're completely happy with it […]

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90 Day Warranty

All of the extermination services performed, we can offer up to a 90 Day Warranty for single family detached homes. If the infestation resurfaces within the warranty period, we'll return to the site to conduct further service and ensure that the problem is totally eradicated […]

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Trust Your Home to Ontario's Bed Bug Specialists

Licensed Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Serving The Greater Toronto Area

Bed bug infestations are among the worst problems that any homeowner can encounter. Bed bugs are more than just an irritation or an inconvenience — they’re extremely persistent pests that are a hugely serious threat to your health. Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task, and the job needs to be extremely thorough if it’s going to be effective. You need to be sure to hire a professional who you know you can trust with the job. This is why locals rely on the expertise of our Toronto bed bug heat treatment and removal specialists here at Bed Bug Authority Canada.

At Bed Bug Authority Canada, our specialists are licensed, professionally trained, and always discreet. We’ll make sure that the problem is solved completely and we'll leave behind no pests to potentially re-infest your home. We know how important our services are to you and your family, so we’ll make sure that you get the best possible workmanship and customer service.


Do You Have Bed Bugs? We Can Help!

Don't Delay - The Longer Bed Bugs Go Unnoticed, The Larger The Possible Infestation

Contact our Toronto bed bug exterminators as soon as you notice the first signs of a bed bug infestation. The earlier that you can have this problem taken care of, the better off your home and your family will be.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and travel easily. Their infestations can cause secondary infections, allergic reactions, and psychological distress. Bed bugs are parasitic and feed mainly on human blood. Their bites can cause a reaction (to 30% of people) and form small red welts similar to mosquito or flea bites, sometimes in a distinctive linear pattern or cluster and with a distinct center point. Scratching these bites often causes infections.

Eliminating bed bugs as soon as possible when you notice the infestation is extremely important, and no one can give you the thorough and accurate services you’ll get from Bed Bug Authority Canada.

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About Our Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is our preferred primary method of bed bug removal in Toronto and the surrounding areas. It's the best way achieve a complete eradication of the infestation with a single procedure. It's also totally safe, healthy, and pesticide free. Our equipment is purpose designed and built by “Green Tech Heat Solutions” for bed bug extermination and has many integrated features for safety of operation in a domestic environment. Give us a call today to learn more about the method our Toronto bed bug heat treatment specialists use.

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How To Prepare Your Home

Our heat treatment method requires increasing the temperature in parts of your home to very high levels. It's important that you take steps before our arrival to protect your property. Our House Preparation section details what you can do to ensure that your property and belongings are not damaged during our bed bug extermination process.

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Multi-Family Living Services

If an infestation of bed bugs has spread throughout a multi-unit dwelling, our professional Toronto bed bug extermination specialists can thoroughly eradicate the problem. We'll work with the property manager to schedule these services at times that are most convenient to tenants, and we'll make sure that every part of the property is completely free of the infestation.

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We'll Educate You On Your Options & Help You Decide The Best Course Of Action For Your Unique Situation


Why You Should Choose Us For Your GTA Bed Bug Treatment Needs

Bed Bug Authority Canada uses a thermal process to kill bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle, no matter where they are located. The benefits of our heat treatment include:

  • Less Preparation Time
  • No Exposure to Lingering Chemical Residue
  • No Prolonged Evacuation
  • Guaranteed Results

Our experts have been fully has been:

  • Fully and comprehensively trained through the “Propane Training Institute” (a division of the “Canadian Propane Association”).
  • Approved by the “Technical Standards and Safety Authority” (TSSA).
  • Certified and licensed by the “Ontario Ministry of the Environment” in the use of pesticides.

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready and eager to help you get your home back into its healthy and safe condition.

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If you are looking for a Toronto bed bug heat treatment and removal specialist, please call 416-951-0383 or 905-467-4249 or complete our online request form.