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Mississauga Bed Bug Extermination Professionals

Mississauga, ON

You and your family rely on your Mississauga home providing you with comfort, security, and cleanliness, but a bed bug infestation can take all of those things away. Bed bugs are quick to infest and spread, and after they’ve taken over your home, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. And until you do, your home will be an uncomfortable and often unsafe space. Our Mississauga bed bug heat treatment experts have the solution to quickly and safely return your home to a healthy state and kill bed bugs at all stages.

At Bed Bug Authority Canada, we know how important it is to get rid of these bed bug infestations in Mississauga as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our professionals employ the heat treatment method of bed bug extermination, which is proven to be the most effective and least intrusive form of bed bug remediation. We can confidently guarantee that every part of your home will be completely free of infestation.

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Mississauga Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs in your Mississauga home, you need to make sure that you’re using the absolute best methods and are completely eradicating any infestations. Over-the-counter products and DIY methods are going to give you amateur results, and if any bed bugs or eggs survive the process, you’ll see the infestation cropping up again.

With our heat treatment method, your home’s indoor temperature is raised high enough to kill all of the bed bugs that are inside your home or infesting any of your walls or furniture. The temperatures will be in excess of 45°C or 113°F, which is high enough to kill bed bugs at all stages of life in around 7 minutes. As the temperatures go higher, the time it takes to kill the insects is drastically lowered.

Your Mississauga home and everything in it will be soaked in this heat for several hours. The heat will penetrate walls, floors, and furniture, and the infestation will be completely eradicated from every part of your home. The heat treatment will not leave behind any threats to your family or pets the way that pesticides will, making it the safest method of bed bug removal in Mississauga as well as the most effective.

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Preparing Your Home for Bed Bug Removal in Mississauga

Before we begin the heat treatment process there are some things that you should do to prepare your Mississauga home.

The first thing you should do is determine where the infestation is most prevalent so that our professional bed bug extermination experts can concentrate our efforts there. You’ll also need to remove some heat-sensitive items from your home, including:

  • Pets, including fish in aquariums.
  • Food items
  • House Plants
  • Delicate wooden items, like musical instruments
  • Flammable items, including cigarette lighters
  • Candles, crayons, lipstick, and make-up, or other wax-based products
  • We’ll ensure that you have all of the preparation information you need before we begin our services.

See What People Are Saying About Us in Mississauga

We discovered that when we bought our lovely home that we were getting bites from the second night we slept there. Our children were not getting bitten but it didn’t take us long to realize that we had purchased a home with bed bugs! After calling around a few companies we finally settled on the Bed Bug Authority Canada, they were extremely understanding and facilitating from inspection to doing the treatment and follow up advice. They came and treated the home within three days – there was no mess left behind and the bugs are history. If I ever had bed bugs again I wouldn’t hesitate to call this company, they are fantastic!

Joanne | Mississauga, ON

I can imagine the emotional and physical distress suffered by people who have bed bugs. I tried eradicating them by chemicals available in the stores with no success. I had sleepless nights watching and looking out for them. I was almost on the verge of nervous breakdown when I contacted Tony from Bed Bug Authority Canada. He assured me that the heat treatment not only kill the bugs but also their eggs. Over the years bed bugs have developed resistant to most of the chemicals used for extinguishing them. It is neither safe nor effective. Heat treatment is 100% safe for us and the home with guaranteed results. Tony and his team helped us get rid of bed bugs for good. They did a great job. I really appreciate their patience and would certainly recommend them to people in similar situation.

Gagandeep | Mississauga, ON

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