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Oakville Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists

Oakville, ON

There isn't much that can happen to your home that's as devastating as a bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can turn your home into an uncomfortable and unhealthy place, plus they can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and they tend to follow their victims. After the first signs of bed bugs, the infestations grow and spread very rapidly, so it's very important to handle the situation immediately and to ensure that the job is done effectively. At Bed Bug Authority Canada, our Oakville bed bug heat treatment experts understand how important your home is to you and your family, so we'll always be ready and eager to make sure that your home is completely free of these persistent pests.

We use a heat treatment method to eliminate any sign of bed bugs, and we can always guarantee the best possible results. Any and every job we perform includes a 90-day full warranty, and our professionals will arrive to your home in discreet unmarked service vehicles.

Call us today to schedule your appointment, or to ask any questions you have about our bed bug heat treatment services, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

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Our Oakville Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

Whenever there are any bed bugs in your Oakville home, it's extremely important that you have the problem taken care as soon as possible. You also need to know that the infestation is totally eradicated—any bugs that are left behind will re-infest your home, and it won't be long before you see the infestation cropping back up again. Some exterminators use chemicals and and pesticides in an attempt to attack the infestations, but they'll need to return to your home several times to spray again, and there's no guarantee that the problem will every be totally solved.

Instead of using chemicals and pesticides, our Oakville bed bug removal professionals use a heat treatment method. This method involves raising the temperature in your home to levels that exceed 113°F, which is high enough to kill all bed bugs in any stage of their life cycle within seven minutes. We'll allow to soak into every part of your home for several hours, which guarantees that there will be no remnants of the infestation.

This heat will penetrate every part of your home, including the floors, any crevices in your furniture, and any clothing that is in your home. The bed bug infestation will be totally eradicated and there will be no potentially harmful chemical residues left in your Oakville home.

If you are looking for a reliable Oakville bed bug heat treatment and removal company, then please call 416-951-0383 or complete our online request form.