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Rat Control To Protect Your Home & Loved Ones

Rat Control

At Bed Bug Authority Canada, we want to be there for you if you need mice or rat control for your household. As a premier pest control service provider in Canada, we strive to offer our clients the most effective pest management options.

As new homes and businesses are being built, it forces wildlife to relocate. Unfortunately, pests like rats follow the scent of food and seek shelter. Cohabitation with rodents like mice and rats isn't possible, and without removal efforts, people are subjected to health and safety hazards these pests pose.

There are plenty of signs to indicate it's time to take care of pest extermination for rodents like rats. People often complain of noises in the walls, the discovery of feces, or seeing rats with their own eyes. If you even suspect you need rat control efforts, contact us immediately. The longer you wait, the more exacerbated the issue will become, and the bigger risk you're putting yourself and your loved ones at.

Problems You May Run Into With Rats

It's vital to deal with rat control as soon as possible. This form of pest control is important for the health and safety of everyone in your household. Besides worrying about disease or rat bites, concerns about damages include examples from rats chewing on:

  • Walls
  • Wires
  • Pipes
  • Ducts
  • Plumbing

Plus, when rodents make nests in your home, it means they're soiling materials like insulation. This causes serious health concerns and expensive repair issues. It doesn't take long for mice and rats to generate thousands of dollars in damage.

Act Quickly To Prevent Worse Problems

If you've noticed a single rat, there's bound to be more where that came from. A rat infestation can only be dealt with by a removal and extermination expert.

Rats often burrow along your foundation unless they come inside your home and take up residence in your basement or crawlspace - they prefer damp and dark spaces. However, they'll travel all through your home, hunting for food, and collecting items for nesting purposes.

Rat removal isn't a job you can do on your own, so call Bed Bug Authority Canada for rat control and other pest control in Canada. We'll help you fight the good fight against pests like rats and mice.

If you would like an estimate for rat control in Toronto or the surrounding areas, please call 416-951-0383 or complete our online request form.