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Vaughan Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts

Vaughan, ON

An infestation of bed bugs in Vaughan will turn your home into a place that's not only extremely uncomfortable, but also that's extremely unhealthy. Your home is one of the most important parts of the daily lives of you and your family, so it's very important that you have any bed bug infestation eradicated as quickly as possible and as thoroughly as possible. Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is no easy task, and these pests are known to hitch-hike on items like luggage and clothing in order to follow their victims from place to place. You need a reliable exterminator that uses effect and safe bed bug extermination practices, such as the solutions our Vaughan bed bug heat treatment experts offer.

If you've noticed any signs of bed bugs in your home, contact the Vaughan bed bug experts at Bed Bug Authority Canada to have the problem taken care of quickly and professionally. We understand how important your home is to you and your family, so we work hard to completely eliminate bed bugs and help you get back to your life. Our bed bug heat treatment method is 100% effective, and it comes with a 90-day full warranty.

Give us a call today to ask any questions you have about our heat treatment method, or to schedule your appointment, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

Dealing with Bed Bug Infestations: Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Vaughan

When you have a bed bug infestation of any size, you need to have it eliminated as quickly as possible, but that's only the first part of quality bed bug extermination services — you also need to know that they're being thoroughly eradicated.

Unfortunately, that's something that's difficult for many Vaughan exterminators to guarantee, especially those that use chemicals and pesticides to attack bed bugs, which can be very ineffective. Most of the time, they'll need to come back several times over a period of a few weeks to re-spray these pesticides before their job is done.

When you rely on Bed Bug Authority Canada, our Vaughan bed bug heat treatment experts will be able to thoroughly eradicate the entire bed bug infestation in a matter of hours.

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How Our Heat Treatment Services Work for Bed Bug Removal in Vaughan

Our professionals utilize heat in place of chemicals and pesticides. We heat your Vaughan home and its contents to temperatures that exceed 113°F, which is hot enough to kill bed bugs in any stage of their life cycle in about seven minutes. We let that heat soak every part of your home for several hours in order to guarantee that all of the bed bugs are eliminated.

See What People Are Saying About Us in Vaughan

I have purchased a house that was badly infested with bed bugs. We found out that we got them after spending our first night at the new place. My daughter has severe allergy to bed bug bites and had to go to the clinic to get some treatment. After researching online and talking to others I found out that the only way to kill them is the thermal treatment. I called a few places and Eve from Bed Bug Authority Canada was the first one to call me back, she was very understanding and scheduled the treatment right away. Tony came and did the inspection of the house and gave me instructions how to prepare for the treatment. He also found a mice nest and some mold but reassured me that the heat treatment will eliminate it all. He arrived with his equipment on time (even earlier) and made my new home to a sauna. I still have a bit of paranoia and freak out when I see little specks of dirt that would remind me of little creatures. Eve recommended getting white bed sheets (easier to spot them). They also provided me with a confirmation that my house was infested long before I moved in and my lawyer helped me to get reimbursed (sellers did not mention that they are leaving their “pets” behind) If you find yourself in a similar situation – call 416.951.0383 – and get help from Bed Bug Authority Canada. Your nightmare will be over.

Oksana | Vaughan, ON

If you are looking for a reliable Vaughan bed bug heat treatment and removal company, then please call 416-951-0383 or complete our online request form.