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Bed Bugs & Apartments Or Multi Unit Dwellings

Bed Bugs & Apartments Or Multi Unit Dwellings

When it comes to bed bugs, the type of dwelling being treated makes a difference. Think about how different it would be to find bed bugs in a house compared to a hotel.

There’s a lot more rooms involved and many more spaces to check, and potentially treat, for these vermin. The sooner it can be detected and treated, the less likely it will spread.

That’s why it’s important, no matter what type of dwelling you reside in, to get serious about doing something as soon as you notice red flags. It’s easier to take care of bed bug extermination when it’s captured early on.

Bed Bugs and Your Apartment

You certainly wouldn’t want to find out you ended up with bed bugs because of your neighbor, and your neighbor doesn’t want the same from you. Unfortunately, bed bugs in communities like this are becoming more common and that’s why it’s important to take action, as soon as you notice there may be a problem.

  • Bed bugs are no longer an unusual occurrence in apartments. It’s much more common for these pests to appear in multi-unit dwellings now. It often starts with one infested unit and they can arrive from moving boxes, by bringing in a used mattress or other pieces of furniture, or from luggage that’s been exposed during a hotel stay.
  • If you find out one of your neighbors is getting bed bug heat treatment or some form of treatment, it’s a good idea to treat your place too. You can have it inspected but, unfortunately, the infestation may just be in the beginning stages and difficult to detect.
  • It’s especially important to treat or at least inspect multiple, surrounding apartments if one apartment and an adjacent unit discover the presence of bed bugs.
  • It’s a good idea to make management aware of a potential problem, by phone and in writing. Anytime you can document the communication efforts made, do so.

Protect yourself and help keep your living quarters free from this type of pest. For high-quality service for Toronto bed bug extermination, give Bed Bug Authority Canada a call.

If you would like to learn more about bed bugs in multi unit dwellings, please call 416-951-0383 or complete our online request form.