Bed Bug Protection That Works For Any Toronto Based Business

aprehend bed bug treatmentIf you own a hotel, motel, or similar business, you understand the importance of keeping each room clean and free from bed bugs. If you have a bed bug issue or you’re looking for a way to eliminate potential problems, give us a call at Bed Bug Authority. We offer many pest control solutions, including Aprehend®, the best bed bug treatment that will kill bed bugs in any life stage or sex within four to ten days after they’ve come into contact with a treated surface.

Laboratory studies have shown that when bed bugs cross treated surfaces, they catch fungal spores and transfer them back to nesting areas. When you select Aprehend® as your treatment of choice, bed bugs that come into contact with the fungal spores will stop breeding and eventually die. The process of collecting spores from the surface treated with Aprehend® and carrying them to the colony continues until the population is destroyed. Unlike chemical insecticides, the residual spray from Aprehend® remains useful for up to three months, so only one application is needed to treat an infestation.

Keeping Your Hotel Or Motel Bedbug Free

Routine (quarterly) maintenance with Aprehend® or heat treatments provides hotels and motels an effective method of protecting against bedbugs. Your establishment won’t have to be concerned with litigation, reputation damage, or remediation costs associated with infectious bed bugs. Give the team at Bed Bud Authority a call today to find out more about how Aprehend® can keep your business free from bedbugs for a lifetime.

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